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Words you’d Whisper, my book bby

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This book has been in the making for years. I was writing down whispered words in my brain at the back of recipe books during my kitchen shifts, in shaking public transports, halfway through dinner service. I am someone that has to write words down before my brain blows them away. Horridly inconvenient, results in scoldings from colleagues. I highly do not recommend it. However, when the opportunity came to self publish with @merakipress, I leapt at the chance. I guess that makes my journey of planting this 💐bouquet of fiction – worth it. My first book baby is expected on 22/11/2021.


In Words you’d Whisper, E-Lynn (@elysian_booksish) communicates with the world in the way she knows best – writing. This is a collection of poems she hopes will whisper courage and hope to you. Inside, you will find bouquets of fiction about mental health, sadness, and of course, happiness and love. Through her storms, she built a garden. Please enjoy the flowers.

In spring,
till the soil,
sow the seeds,
nurture the seedlings.

In autumn,
harvest your labour,
store it well,
to feast in winter.

Do not forget,
growth is the same.

We are being ripened,
for the bruises to come.

Enjoy the garden,
for I have planted this for you.

📜Pre-order opens next month 🙂
Available on shoppe and bookalicious
Check it out on Goodreads
Book cover by @gadisbaca

By elysianbooksish

The Bookish Faerie who loves to read and write, and bake too

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