Get Your Play On: Creative Ways to Have Fun in a Serious World by Coralie Sleap, #118 review

It’s a fact that playful people have more fun. Play can help us to forget our worries for a while. And adopting a more playful attitude means we’re better able to cope with life’s ups and downs.

Play has been scientifically proven to make you less stressed. It is hugely beneficial, beyond simply the pleasure it brings. It can teach you new skills, allow you to think more creatively and imaginatively, it can help you problem solve and strengthen your social connections. So why don’t we dedicate more time to playtime?

Coralie Sleap is here to help you harness your imaginative instincts and live a life that’s a little less serious. Each chapter in this book focuses on one of the key aspects of play: Create, Connect, Imagine, Think and Move.

Filled with over 100 unique activities and ideas, top tips from experts and fascinating explorations of the science behind it all, this book will inspire you to forget the rat race for a while and re-learn how to have fun.

Grab some friends or go solo, embrace your inner child and get creative with no agenda.

This is a guidebook to implement a little playtime for adults in our daily life. Everyone needs a hobby to distress and have fun, that is basically what playtime means. We often associate the word “playtime” with children. However, we also often do not realise that adults are simply just children that grew older. As such, adults need playtime as well.

In this fully illustrated and coloured guidebook, you will find 100 unique activities and ideas that are divided into chapters focusing on the key aspects of play – Create, Connect, Imagine, Think and Move. There is something for everyone in this book. The different types of play are designed for you to have fun and forget your worries for a while. Some activities are better off as Youtube tutorials than written tutorials so you might wanna head over to Youtube to find a video guide. I enjoyed how the knowledge behind each key aspect of play is explained, it was informative to learn and eye-opening to see how I had already implemented some play in my downtime unknowingly. In this book, you will learn the science and the state of flow behind some activities to boost your creativity and playful attitude to cope better with life’s many ups and downs.

“Life is pretty serious right now. It’s hard to listen to the news without feeling deflated and alone in our worries. But worrying is not good for our health; it makes us less productive and retreating into isolation makes us feel increasingly disconnected.”

One of the activities was “Find your medium”, it is designed to help you identify what you connect with on a deeper, personal level and to consider how your answers make you feel and ideas to arouse your beautifully creative mind. You can do this activity with me on my Reels, next post!

Thank youuu to @times.reads for sending me a review copy. You can get your copy here.

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